The department of industrial biotechnology main objective is research on the acquisition of natural, bioactive substances targeting the microbiome of the digestive tract of horses and small animals. Additionally, we have ongoing research projects focused on development of care products composed of microorganisms metabolites and eukaryotic cells. All experiments are performed in specialized laboratories: microbiology, molecular biology and a prototype laboratory.

The Department of industrial biotechnology  is responsible for the development of procedures and products, as well as research on recipes in the field of industrial production, as a response to the growing need for the production of fermented ingredients in the nutraceutical market . The key elements in the production of post-fermentation components are the selection and optimization of strains and the maximization of bio-production. Post-processing includes advanced technologies which ensure high microbial survival and stability of bioactive substances.


The Department of industrial biotechnology successfully commercializes its products, which are dedicated to horses and small animals.

ProBIOM+ liquid probiotic

Probiom + is a micellar probiotic emulsion, containing a high amount of live cultures of probiotic bacteria, intended for horses suffering from digestive ailments, including diarrhea, food allergies, reduced immunity, impaired absorption, ulcers and for horses during intensive training. Probiom + is a micellar probiotic containing natural lactic acid bacteria, S. bulardii yeast and a complex of bioactive nucleotides, beta-glucans and vitamins that restore the natural bacterial flora, improve digestion and absorption, improve intestinal peristalsis, cleansing and regenerating the intestines.

BioCELL clinical probiotic

BioCELL PROBIOTIC is an innovative probiotic containing the highest quality live probiotic strains combined with bio-minerals, increasing immunity, restoring intestinal peristalsis and stimulating the excretion of toxic compounds from the horse’s body. Due to its double formula, BioCELL PROBIOTIC effectively eliminates pathogenic bacteria and replaces them with healthy strains, restoring the natural intestinal flora. It effectively reduces the negative effects of food poisoning, pharmacological therapies and reduces the effects of stress factors.


Regenerative gel with transmembrane microvesicles isolated from stem cells for small and large animals. The innovative composition improves skin regeneration processes and accelerates the scarring process. Extracellular membrane micro fragments (microvesicles-LNC +) are isolated by applying a specialized method developed by MIMT, designed for their separation from stem cells. RegMedGel is recommended for the treatment of abrasions and cuts, but also large wounds with a substantial loss of tissue.