At the Institute we are developing innovative therapeutic strategies for small and large animals. Our focus is mainly on orthopedics, ophthalmology and metabolic diseases. Together with the veterinarians cooperating with us, we try to set new directions and standards in the treatment of animals. Our many years of documented experience in the field of regenerative medicine is a guarantee of the safety and success of the therapies we offer.

The MIMT research team consists of outstanding specialists in the field of veterinary medicine, both large and small animals, specializing in the development of personalized therapies based on stem cells. We develop innovative, pioneering, personalized regeneration therapies for animals. We believe that personalized regeneration strategies are the future of veterinary medicine. Our mission is to develop effective regenerative therapies using modern tools of translational medicine in both small and large animals. The scientific staff of MIMT consists of experienced scientists in the field of veterinary medicine, molecular biology and biotechnology, and the scientific council is made up of outstanding scientists and clinicians with whom we consult our patients’ ailments.

The therapies developed by us have been documented in many prestigious scientific journals, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by clinical trials in accordance with the standards of Good Clinical Practice (GCP). The results of our research and clinical work have been presented many times at international scientific congresses in the field of regenerative medicine.