The field of industrial biotechnology focuses on research into obtaining natural, bioactive substances that target the gastrointestinal microbiome of horses and small animals, as well as grooming products, which utilize metabolites of microorganisms and eukaryotic cells in their production. The research is conducted in specialized laboratories: microbiological, molecular biology, and prototype laboratory.

The industrial biotechnology department is responsible for developing processes and products, as well as conducting research on formulations for industrial production in line with the growing demand of the nutraceutical market for the production of fermented ingredients. Key elements of post-fermentation component production include strain selection and optimization, as well as maximizing bioproduction. Final processing involves advanced technologies ensuring high microbial survivability and stability of bioactive substances.

The industrial biotechnology department successfully commercializes its products, which are dedicated to horses and small animals.

ProBIOM+ liquid probiotics

Probiom+ is a micellar probiotic emulsion containing a high concentration of live probiotic bacterial cultures, designed for horses suffering from gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, food allergies, weakened immunity, impaired absorption, gastric ulcers, and for horses undergoing intense activity. Probiom+ is a micellar probiotic containing natural lactic acid bacteria, S. bulardii yeast, and a complex of bioactive nucleotides, beta-glucans, and vitamins that restore the natural bacterial flora, improve digestion and absorption, enhance intestinal peristalsis, and have a cleansing and regenerating effect on the intestine.


BioCELL PROBIOTIC is an innovative probiotic containing high-quality live probiotic strains combined with bio-minerals that boost immunity, restore intestinal peristalsis, and stimulate the elimination of toxic compounds from the horse’s body. Thanks to its dual formula, BioCELL PROBIOTIC effectively eliminates pathogenic bacteria and replaces them with healthy strains, restoring the natural gut flora. It efficiently mitigates the negative effects of food poisoning, pharmacological therapies, and reduces the impact of stress factors.


BioCell Probiotic SENIOR is a specialized probiotic designed for older horses, containing a clinical dose of probiotic bacteria and yeast combined with prebiotic fiber and antioxidants extracted from grape seeds. The high content of specialized probiotic strains, postbiotics, gentle fiber, and antioxidants improves digestion, enhances the horse’s condition, regenerates the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, supports heart function, prevents anemia, regulates gastrointestinal function, and improves the appearance of hooves and coat.

  • Stimulates the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Supports the muscular system as well as hooves and tendons
  • Natural quercetin protects the body’s cells from oxidative stress and increases the flexibility of blood vessels


IZOLITOL is a clinical isotonic preparation designed to replenish lost electrolytes during sports training, for horses with excessive sweating, symptoms of dehydration, and as an adjunctive therapy during clinical treatment. The combination of highly bioavailable minerals with natural polyphenols and antioxidants ensures rapid electrolyte replenishment and quick muscle regeneration and acidification after exertion.

  • Highly bioavailable minerals: Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe3+, and Cr3+ enclosed in micellar capsules
  • Antioxidants from grape seed extract seal blood vessels and prevent blood platelet aggregation and muscle acidification
  • The beta-alanine and betaine complex accelerates lactate metabolism in muscles, maintains proper body hydration, and increases physical endurance


Regenerative gel with transmembrane microbubbles isolated from stem cells for small and large animals. The innovative composition enhances skin regeneration processes and accelerates the scarring process. Extracellular microvesicles (microbubbles, microvesicles-LNC+) are isolated using a specialized method developed by the International Institute of Translational Medicine for the separation from stem cells. RegMedGel is recommended for the treatment of abrasions and cuts, as well as extensive wounds with significant tissue loss.


ASECUROL is a clinical protective preparation dedicated to horses treated with both steroid and non-steroidal drugs, as well as those undergoing antibiotic therapy or ulcer treatment.

ASECUROL contains alpha-bisabolol and spiroether, which exhibit active anti-inflammatory action by inhibiting the secretion of pro-inflammatory and pro-allergic compounds such as histamine, serotonin, and bradykinin, while also regulating gastric acid secretion.

Highly bioavailable diammonium glycyrrhizinate positively affects the state of the intestinal mucosa by reducing the secretion of inflammatory markers. The polysaccharides contained in the preparation, including lichenin, isolichenin, cellulose, hemicellulose, and catechin tannins, demonstrate strong coating, shielding, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory effects. The presence of cetaric acid with confirmed bacteriostatic action supports the disrupted intestinal barrier by inhibiting the growth of intestinal pathogens.

ASECUROL contains easily released lignans, which exhibit strong antioxidant activity, neutralizing the excess free radicals generated during the use of steroid drugs, thereby limiting the development of intestinal inflammation.


Probiom Cat&Dog is an innovative probiotic containing high-quality live probiotic strains and their metabolites combined with bio-minerals to boost immunity, restore intestinal peristalsis, and stimulate the elimination of toxic compounds from the body.

By combining lyophilized cultures of probiotic bacteria and yeast with postbiotic metabolites, Probiom Cat&Dog quickly and effectively restores the physiological bacterial flora after antibiotic therapy, diarrhea, and deworming. The high content of probiotic metabolites enhances and improves the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract.


HialuDrop is a moisturizing eye drop designed for both small and large animals.

  • Moisturizes the cornea
  • Soothes itching, dryness, and eye pain
  • Supports mucous membrane regeneration after ophthalmic procedures

Hyaluronic acid contributes to the formation of the tear film and is one of the elements responsible for the proper functioning of the vitreous body of the eye. It alleviates irritation, moisturizes the eyeball, and protects the cornea from drying out. Additionally, it nourishes the cornea, protects against infections, helps flush out small foreign bodies and dust from the surface of the eye, and enables sharp vision.


VitalDrop is a regenerative eye drop designed for both small and large animals.

  • Accelerates corneal healing processes
  • Contains sphingolipids and microvesicles (ExMV’s)
  • Modulates repair processes by regenerating damaged eye structures
  • Inhibits pathological corneal neovascularization

VitalDrop, thanks to its high content of microvesicles (ExMV’s), effectively modulates repair processes, regenerating damaged eye structures. Microvesicles (ExMV’s) derived from stem cells serve as intercellular communication mediators, providing an excellent source of growth factors and delivering anti-inflammatory cytokines, which effectively suppress the inflammatory response in the eye.

With patients with damaged corneas in mind, we have created innovative eye drops that act by endogenously stimulating the patient’s stem cells.

Opti Clear

Opti Clear is a grooming product that effectively removes impurities and secretions from the eye area. Thanks to its high content of low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, it soothes conjunctival irritation and facilitates natural eye and eyelid moisturization.

With patients with damaged corneas in mind, we have created innovative eye drops that act by endogenously stimulating the patient’s stem cells.

Opti Care

Opti CareTM is an innovative combination of bioactive ingredients and postbiotics that provide immediate eye regeneration and protection. Postbiotics, which are products of probiotic bacteria fermentation, support the natural gut microflora, thereby improving nutrient absorption. A balanced complex of antioxidants such as lutein and astaxanthin protects cells from oxidative stress and UV radiation. The addition of low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid ensures proper conjunctival hydration, while vitamins B3 and E enhance rhodopsin regeneration and improve eye circulation.