Stool examination

A comprehensive fecal examination includes:

  • parasitological testing (presence of parasites),
  • molecular diagnostics of microflora (microbiotic profile, levels of beneficial and pathogenic intestinal flora),
  • biochemical tests, and microscopic and macroscopic analyses.

A disturbed microflora can contribute to chronic diarrhea, colic, ulcers, as well as a decline in immunity or the appearance of parasites.

Our examination allows us to monitor the patient’s intestinal function, determine the level of nutrient absorption, control the composition of the intestinal microflora, and allows early diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases. It provides opportunities to detect bleeding, abnormal stool consistency or other disorders in the digestive tract. It allows you to determine whether your diet provides the right amounts of fiber, protein, fats and sugars.


The test results make it possible to:

  • verify the current dietary intake,
  • determine the need for deworming,
  • determine the need to desanitize the horse,
  • form the basis for the decision to introduce probiotic therapy,
  • help select the right supplementation

If you are interested in the examination, please contact us by email diagnostyka@mimt.com.pl or place an order online here https://sklep.hippovet.pl/uslugi/