Modern Tools for Drug Delivery and Therapies

Microneedle platforms represent an innovative technology in veterinary medicine, enabling precise and effective delivery of drugs, vaccines, and therapies to animals. Consisting of microscopic needles or structures typically measuring a few micrometers in length, they penetrate the skin or mucous membranes, allowing for painless and minimally invasive administration of therapeutic substances.

Microneedle platforms in veterinary medicine offer a range of benefits. Firstly, they help avoid some of the issues associated with traditional methods of drug administration, such as animal stress, exposure to infections, or tissue damage. Additionally, by customizing the shape, size, and material of microneedles to specific needs, they provide controlled release of active substances and enhanced drug bioavailability.

The veterinary applications of microneedle platforms are diverse. They can be used for administering vaccines to livestock animals, as well as for treating skin diseases such as canine seborrheic dermatitis or mucosal infections in horses. Furthermore, they can be employed to deliver nutrients or dietary supplements, supporting the health and well-being of animals.